The OMAC range includes machines to manufacture items made of leather or other material employed across multiple manufacturing sectors: leather goods, footwear, watches, home and office furnishings, boating, saddles, automotive and decorative items. Our machines, automated systems and production lines cover every stage of manufacturing – from product preparation to finishing – of items, accessories and finishes in leather or other material. Our industrial sewing machines are specifically designed to stitch leather items and simplify sewing of rigid bags, boots or other products with tight corners.
OMAC also offers a large assortment of accessories and spare parts for its machines.

Design your solution

Are you starting up a new leather product manufacturing plant in Italy or abroad and want some specialised technical advice? OMAC is here to support you and give you expert advice on creating your factory from start to finish: from selecting, producing and laying out the machines to positioning the warehouse and handling the materials. What’s more, you can receive specific advice about which product lines and types of finishes are the most appropriate for you to achieve superior results.

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