Automatic - electronic multicutter 995

Zipper cutter -Multicutter  Automatic - electronic multicutter 995

Machine suitable for cutting automatically whatever disered size of pieces: strips, string cords, zipper, tapes, velcro and more materials.

Main features:

  • Aspirator included;
  • Alarm buzzer stops the machine when the material is lacked;
  • Programming on display of: number of cuts, lenght of pieces, speed of transport, hot cutting time;
  • The time of the hot cutting is adjusted according to the type of material used;
  • The dragging speed is 18 meters per minute;
  • Maximum width of material to cut 100 mm.;
  • The length of the pieces, programmable automatically varies from 0 to 30 meters;
  • Equipped with a support with two dishes for each roll materials Ø cm. 50;
  • Possibility to cut simultaneosly two/three bands of the same material.

Models available:

  • 995 C only straight hot cutting system
  • 995 F only straight cold cutting system 
  • 995 FC straight hot and cold cutting system.

OPTIONAL: 996 Automatic feeder for elastic material to match.


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Machine dimensions
58x63x140 cm.
120 Kg.
Consumption (cold cutting)
520 Watt
Consumption (hot cutting)
1450 Watt
Power source
Air pressure- 6 bar
380/110/220/240/440 Volt