Trimming machine 810

Trimming machine Trimming machine 810

This machine is used to trim and round belts and straps of variable size from 15 to 80 mm.with no need to change any parts. Equipped with shaped cutters, speed variator and aspiration system.  It performs all operations at the same time making the edge of the belts ready for coloring.

Main features:

  • Voltage 220V; the machine can be provided with different voltages. It is necessary to specify the voltage in the order.
  • “U” shaped blades with required dimensions;
  • Easy regulation of: - width – feed pressure of the material - quantity to be removed.

Combination: The machine can be linked to the Belt Deying Machine 997 and ro the Oven Machine E3000S, in this case it is sufficient to adjust the three speed variators at the same calibration to have a perfect synchronization of work.

Optional: The machine can be supplied with the Self-centering Guide, and the diamond sharpener AF 20.

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Maximum absorption
500 Watt
220 Volt
Cut width
1,5÷8 cm.
Machine dimensions
72x45x113 cm.
Net Weight
100 Kg.