Hot and Cold Rotative Press Machine 50PST

Press Hot and Cold Rotative Press Machine 50PST

The Hot and Cold Rotative Press Machine 50PST is a machine that can be used in various fields, especially in leather goods and footwear, to press all kinds of material pre-glued or not.

Main features:

  • It can also be used only in cold;
  • Double upper and lower transport rollers;
  • Upper and lower heating;
  • Transport speed from 0,1 m/s to 0,4 m/s, adjustable with “inverter” through enhancer;
  • Thermostat for temperaure setting, from20C to 150C;
  • Working width 400mm.;
  • Double air pression piston with strenght varying from zero to 200Kg. (6 bar);
  • Manually adjustable pressing height depending on the thickness of the material.

Standard Equipment: Upper roller in rubber and lower roller in steel.

Optional: the machine can be supplied with the BACK conveyor.

Optional: la macchina può essere fornita con il trasportatore BACK.

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Net Weight
180 Kg.
Machine dimensions
140x103x138 cm