Refrigerating machines ICE45

ICE 45 it's a refrigerating machine which stabilizes colour on any material (belt, straps, edges, small leather pieces, etc.) after they have been dried with E3000S.
Cooling tunnel 1960 x 80 mm.

ICE 45 it is made according all CEE laws for the elimination of CFC and HCFC refrigerants are harmful to the ozone

Main features:

  • Insulated tunnel easily inspected by cover-plate;
  • Washable conveyor;
  • Electronic regulation of inside temperature up to -6/8° C;
  • Electronic speed variator;
  • Quantity of cold air manually suitable up to 300 mc/H.

Models available:

  • ICE 45 S Refrigerating machine for belts and/or strips of leather, equipped of speed variator and adjustable temperature. Cooling tunnel 2640 x 80 mm.

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Machine dimensions
217x52x153 cm.
290 Kg.
1,35 Kw