Automatic brushing machine MIG60 - MIG30

Polishing machines Automatic brushing machine MIG60 - MIG30

Automatic tip and edge polishing machine with 4 brushes, dust collector, variable speed and programmable by plc touch screen.

Innovative and effective machine which allows to perform automatically the brushing and polishing simultaneously of tip and edges of belts and straps with a width between 10 > 100 mm by PLC electronic system type it is possible to perform the programming of the various functions such as:

  • Setting distance tip – dye;
  • Speed adjustable brushing (2000>5000 rpm) and feed;
  • Adjustable time brushing and locking tip;
  • Rotation of brushes reversely;
  • Choose which way to work with 2 or 4 brushes active simultaneously.

It's also possible to adjust the height and the pressure of the brushes on the tip and edges of the belt or on strip of leather.

Model available:

  • MIG 30: automatic brushing and polishing machine only for the tips of belts and / or straps.

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Machine dimensions
101x95x115 cm.
280 Kg.
220 V. single phase 50 Hz
1 Kw