Edge dyeing 350

Inking -edges dyeing- belt edges inking machines Edge dyeing 350

Combined machine of two heads to dye any kind of matrials: bags, belts, wallets, suitecases, etc...

1. Vertical automatic belt-dyeing machine which permits to colour the tip. The materials is conveyed and simultaneosly dyed on both sides. It is equipped with a speed regulator. The width can be adjusted from 10 mm. to 80 mm.

2. Vertical edge dyeing machine for all kinds of leather goods and footwear. It is possible to colour leather strips, glossy rib bags, suitecases, etc. It has a single colouring knurled roller of 20 mm. On request it is possible to supply it with a shaped roller.

OPTIONAL: Stand device.

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Machine dimensions
68x65x141 cm.
Net Weight
63 Kg.