Hot glazing machine LB848 EVO

Hot glazing machine Hot glazing machine LB848 EVO

It's an hot glazing machine for belts,strips with 3 stations, variable speed + vacuum system and adjustable temperature up to to 350°c.

Main features:

  • 3 stations of heating tools by independent temperature controller;
  • Temperature adjustable up to 350° C;
  • Heating tools are equipped with self adjusting springs with the possibility of manual positioning either laterla or in height;
  • Working width variable from 15 to 60 mm of belts also note regular;
  • Speed variator by "inverter";
  • Self centring guide;
  • Lateral control panel in order to put the machine in line.

OPTIONAL: hot glazing device for tips “LB 90”


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Machine dimensions
72x80x112 cm.
175 Kg.
1300 Watt
220 Volt