Drier E170 - E180

Drying tunnels Drier  E170 - E180

Horizontal drying tunnel with variable speed and temperature adjustable up to 110° C.

Multifunction adapted drying machine for bags, suite cases and all kinds of materials used in leather and shoes production, ecc.

Main features:

  • Electronic air control and transport speed tape;
  • Automatic opening of windows of entrance and going out of goods;
  • Direct checking of material during drying;
  • Easy positioning by self blocking wheels;
  • Maximum heat 110°;
  • Maximum resistance power of heating 4000 Watt;
  • Total absorption 4200 Watt.
  • Tunnel dimensions (lenght - depth - height) :

                E 170: 150 x 79 x 25 cm

                E 180: 150 x 79 x 50 cm

Optionals for all models :

  • Version "S": total lenght 4 mt;
  • Version "SS": total lenght 5 mt;
  • Version DUAL: drying tunnel with dual drying system hot air and infrared;
  • Version PLUS: equipped with dual drying and material return system BACK
  • End material sensor.

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