Loader MIRAGE 1

Discharger Loader MIRAGE 1

Automatic loader for leather belts and straps programmable by PLC

Belt / strap width from 18 mm. to 70 mm.
Capacity up to 400 pcs.

Belts are withdraw from incorporated trolley through a combined system of photocells and sucker, then introduced in the working cycle by a transport roller.


  • Motor for exit belts;
  • Advanced software which allows complete programming;
  • Display to control working cycles: wait-time-speed;
  • Motor to lift up the belt stacker;
  • Belts width adjustable manually from 18 to 70 mm;
  • Emergency switch alarm;
  • Turning wheels for easy movement.

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Machine dimensions
192x61x125 cm.
Net Weight
160 Kg.
Volt 230 single phase
Power source
0,20 Kw.