Discharger MIRAGE 2

Discharger Discharger MIRAGE 2

Automatic stacker for leather belts and straps programmable by PLC

Belt / strap width from 18 mm. to 70 mm.
Capacity up to 400 pcs.

The belts issued from the previous elaboration phase are picked up by sucker and automatically deposited on the stackers of the incorporeted trolley.

The two machines can be fully sinchronized between them to allow total control of production.


  • Motor for head removal;
  • Advanced software which allows complete programming;
  • Display to control working cycles: wait-time-speed;
  • Motor to lift up the belt stacker;
  • Belts width adjustable manually from 18 to 70 mm;
  • Emergency switch alarm;
  • Turning wheels for easy movement.


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Machine dimensions
192x61x134 cm.
Net Weight
160 Kg.
Volt 230 single phase
0,20 Kw.