COLORMATIC Dyeing machine

Inking COLORMATIC Dyeing machine

Automatic small pieces edge dyeing machine for various shapes and sizes of leather material with an innovative spray colouring and automatic drying. The leather details are loaded side by side in "packages" in order to work together dozens of pieces. The jigs carrying the "package" must have same forms of pieces to dye, so is necessary give to the OMAC design of working pieces when ordering.

Automatic xoloring system with drying process. Double station. Programmable by “plc”. Operating range diameter max 140 x 140 mm.

The COLORMATIC has two working stations synchronized so you can colour the edge of a "package" pieces while a second is in the drier system, with significant increase of productivity.

Main features:

  • Pieces with overall diameter 140 mm;
  • Axial encumbrance of "packages" up to 190 mm;
  • Display commands to change the parameters of use;
  • Change in the number of spraying of colour independently for each location;
  • Variation of drying time and spraying;
  • Easy change of jigs;
  • Easy system of cleaning and replacement of colour;
  • Adjustable spraying pressure and amount of colour;
  • Vacuum system of airbone particles of colour.

Models available:

  • CM 1 automatic coloring system with drying process. Single station. Programable bye  “pc”. Operating range diameter max 300 x 300 mm.

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Machine dimensions
155x110x152 cm.
410 kg.