Automatic gluing and coupling machine LT200

Gluing Automatic gluing and coupling machine LT200

LT 200  it's an automatic unit suitable to stick and to couple elements of leather and / or tissue. The machine is equipped with two heads for the removing of the material: one with the suction system and the other one which works using adhesives that allow to take any type of tissue. The adhesive's water-based passages points are acquired in self-learning by using the joystick in control console. The program is stored within the memory, that can contain over 2000 programs and can be recalled, modified and expanded in a later moment.

The strip conveyor with adjustable speed and it's powerful integrated vacuum cleaning system ensure the capture of all dust particles during spraying. The machine can be programmed for the frontal and the posterior discharge of the leather and / or processed tissue.

The LT 200 is furthermore equipped with a stocking system of the material in the double charger, the size of elements in leather and / or tissue may vary from 80x15 mm to 240x140 mm. The two boxes for leather are automatically adjustable and ensures a long operating autonomy.

Max size of the loaders mm 140x240.

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Machine dimensions
415 Kg.
Volt 400/50 - 60 Hz 3 phase
Power source
Kw 1
Pneumatic supply
Bar 6