The OMAC Edge dyeing – Belt dyeing Machine 370 is a multifunctional machine suitable for any kind of colouring in the leather, footwear, watchmaking, furnishing, nautical, automotive and leather items sectors.


The OMAC Edge dyeing – Belt dyeing Machine 370 allows you to paint the edges of various accessories, objects and leather items: belts, bags, suitcases, wallets and other accessories of leather goods, leashes and collars for animals, footwear, furnishing accessories for home and professional studios, boat cushions, car seats, watch straps.

Its structure contains three machines in one:

1. Vertical automatic edge dyeing machine with speed variator, is able to colour also the tips of the belts. The material is transported and coloured on both sides simultaneously. Adjustable width from 10 to 80 mm.

2. Horizontal edge dyeing machine for handbags, suitcases and wallets, also able to perform decorations along the edges.

3. Vertical automatic edge dyeing machine with controlled speed variator for handbags edges, suitcases, agendas and other leather accessories. The colouring head has a straight knurled roller of 20 mm and, upon request. It can be equipped with shaped rollers.   

Optional: Support.

Technical data

83x65x141 cm
Net Weight
75 Kg

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Are you starting up a new leather product manufacturing plant in Italy or abroad and want some specialised technical advice? OMAC is here to support you and give you expert advice on creating your factory from start to finish: from selecting, producing and laying out the machines to positioning the warehouse and handling the materials. What’s more, you can receive specific advice about which product lines and types of finishes are the most appropriate for you to achieve superior results.

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