The sector of machines for the manufacture of leather goods is subject to a high and constant technological development, essential to satisfy more and more demanding and different requests, as required by fashion, but at the same time achievable with effective costs and a good quality. On these concepts we have developed our strategies and built our success. Born in 1956, OMAC has obtained in the years different quality certificates and was recognized for the high number of patents filed.

Proposing and developing new technologies, OMAC put great attention to the issues of environmental impact by developing new products aimed at maximizing energy savings.

Precisely this allows us to cover most of the requests of the productors of belts, bags, suitcases and leather goods in general. OMAC exports about 70% to foreign countries where it is known for its excellent quality primarly due to a 100% production MADE IN ITALY and to a service that is designed to meet all kinds of needs of its customers.

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